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Innovate Now  is a lean and agile digital product studio.

We focus on early stage products. Bringing innovative ideas to market. Whether you are a new tech startup, or an agile corporartion, we are ready to help.



We start the process with workshops to better understand the problem you are trying to solve. In parallel, our designers start to sketch out concepts and research the problem domain.



Once we are both comfortable with our understanding of the problem, we start developing the foundation of the software (iOS/Android, Web/SaaS). That way, once we are ready to start solving the problem, we have a solid foundation to start building on.



We focus on getting the solution to your customers as quickly and reliably as possible. the cloud is integral to that goal. It allows us to focus on solving your customers problem instead of creating custom infrastructure.

Our Values
Fixed Time
We do "fixed time, variable scope" projects & sprints. We believe this enables better focus on the core value of the product and less focus on vanity features.
Ship Early & Often
Getting the product in front of users as early as possible is crucial. The sooner we can learn if the product is on the right track, the better. Make it work, and then make it work well.
Love the Problem
Be obsessed with the problem, not the solution. Many companies fail at this and end up building products no one wants. Not every problem is solved with an app.

Solutions  & Services

Building innovative products in a wide range of industries and technologies. Below are some areas our team has experience with.

Recent Projects

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