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We specialize in helping companies strategize and develop web and mobile apps that are optimized for user experience and business growth. With our team of experienced experts, we offer a deep understanding of the latest web and mobile technologies, ensuring that our clients receive solutions that are both innovative and effective. We work closely with our clients to identify their unique needs and tailor our solutions accordingly, whether it be for iOS or Android platforms, or for web-based applications. Our agile and flexible approach allows us to quickly adapt to changes in business requirements and emerging technologies, ensuring that we deliver solutions that exceed our clients' expectations. With our hands-on support and guidance, companies can rest assured that they will receive high-quality and scalable solutions that drive their growth and success.

Web and mobile apps are essential tools for companies looking to improve their efficiency and revenue. Web apps can provide employees and customers with instant access to critical information, allowing them to make informed decisions and complete tasks quickly. Mobile apps can provide remote access to essential business tools and communication channels, enabling employees to work on-the-go and stay connected to customers at all times. Both web and mobile apps can streamline processes, automate tasks, and reduce errors, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings. Moreover, apps can provide new revenue opportunities by expanding a company's customer base and facilitating purchases, creating a new channel for generating income. With the right strategy and development approach, web and mobile apps can be powerful assets for companies looking to improve their operational efficiency and drive revenue growth.

What Our

 Customers Think

"Nick and his team at Innovate Now have done an amazing job for us.The level of understanding and expertise is sky high, and all of our requests have been met with a deep understanding for the product we aimed to make.It is not an easy task to quickly wrap your head around what was a solution for an industry so unknown for Innovate Now, and it is truly remarkable how fast and thorough they understood the complex system in which we operate. It has been a smooth sailing, with a positive and effective team.We will highly recommend Innovate Now to all of those who need to innovate their idea or solution fast, safe and agile. You are in good hands with Nick and his team [Innovate Now AS]."

Lars Fjellbakk


Mountains AS Founder & CEO

Our Values
Ship Fast
We have a highly optimized and proven product development strategy for getting a product shipped with quality and speed.
User Growth
Getting the product in front of users as early as possible is crucial. The sooner we can learn if the product is on the right track, the better. Make it work, and then make it work well.
Raise Capital
Investors care are execution and traction. Without a product and users, you will not get great terms.
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