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We use technology to solve problems for your company

We bring innovative solutions to your problem. From startups to large corporations, we can help.

Our Services

Building Mobile Apps

We can help you deliver Android and iPhone apps to your customers fast. If you need help with the design and the backend we can do that too.

Developing Minimum Viable Products (MVP)

We are strong believers in the MVP model. Ship early and often while constantly evaluating customer and user feedback.

Digital Product Development

Our experience goes far beyond Mobile and Web applications. We can create interactive experiences for your customers that go beyond a screen.

Our Process


We work together to specify deliverables and specifications to create your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We then design the User Experience (UX)


We move quickly to develop the first version of your new product leveraging Cloud services for scalability and agility


Shipping the first version of your product is critical to learning what should be built in your next version following the build-measure-learn methodology.

Some of our work
Frekvens listing all concerts in Oslo

As a proof of concept, we created an entire data gathering platform for concerts happening in Oslo. The database contains over 3,000 events and drives traffic to ticket vendors.

OnaLive events booking and ticketing app

We helped OnaLive create an entire ecosystem for managing events and provide a premium attendee experience.

Bookis cloud infrastructure

We helped Bookis leverage the cloud more efficiently which resulted in site response times being cut in half. We also provided strategy services regarding new product development.

About Us

Innovate Now is started by Nick Kristoffersen, an American/Norwegian, who saw a significant need for fast development of products in Norway. With in-depth experience in startups and large corporations alike, he is uniquely positioned to propose the best solution for your MVP.

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